Eclectic natural history quiz!

Who can resist a quiz? This is a first attempt at a random selection covering natural history, geology, fossils, and so on. It's just for fun. I don't keep recordrs of your scores for future blackmailing purposes, honestly. But you are allowed to use it for bragging rights with your friends!

1/ What's a Venus' Flower Basket?

2/ How long does a mayfly live for?

3/ Is tufa tougher than tuff?

4/ Which of the following has never built reefs?

5/ Which of the following plant groups evolved most recently?

6/ Which was the second-biggest mass extinction?

7/ What's the most diverse group of living insects in the UK?

8/ What's a piddock?

9/ Who was the first person to come up with Natural Selection?

10/ Which of the following is not (known) to be erupted by any volcano, anywhere?