Mid-Wales Palaeontology Group

In addition to the formal teaching, Lucy Muir and I organise a local amateur palaeontology group, to which all are welcome. 

The group is extremely informal, with no constitution, no cost, no accounts, or indeed anything complicated, and is really a group of like-minded people who get together once a month to discuss fossils, and then go out and find some. 

We're based in Llandrindod, with the meetings being held in the Radnorshire Museum on Temple Street, on the first Saturday of each month. We have an indoor meeting starting there at 10.30 (no charge, but donations to the museum for providing tea & coffee, and for use of the space), and bring packed lunches to go out somewhere local in the afternoon (sometimes organised at the last minute, and very dependent on the weather!). 

The talks are at a variety of levels, but most of them should be entirely accessible to newcomers - and we all make an effort to be gentle when new members are there! :o)

Previous years' newsletters, which summarise what we've been up to, are available for download from here:

Newsletter 1 for 2014 group meetings - published in Spring 2015  

Newsletter 2 for 2015 group meetings - published in December 2015 

Newsletter 3 for 2016 group meetings - published in December 2016

Newsletter 4 for 2017 group meetings - published in December 2017

I also want to plug the Radnorshire Museum here, because it's amazing. It is surely one of the best small, local museums in the country, which is amazing in a town of fewer than 5000 people. The geology displays include much of my early collections from the area, and there are some unique specimens there. There's much more than that, though: the archaeology display is wonderful, including a digital 3D model of the Walton Basin and a local log boat; there is also a magnificent historical triple harp, and much else besides. Go visit. You won't regret it. 


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