Introductory Classes

No previous knowledge needed; mostly specimen-based, with microscopes available.

£10 per person, minimum of two people (£15 for a one-to-one class)

***These are the most popular options. Many other subjects can be covered with a bit of advance notice – just ask, and see what I can do!***



Local Geology

The astounding lost world of Llandrindod, and why it is known by palaeontologists all over the world! This class covers the essentials of the Ordovician and Silurian world, the story of a long-lost volcanic island, and the reason why Llandrindod exists at all...


Interpreting Rocks

A more general introduction to learning how to read the language of rocks, and tease out the reams of information hidden within them. You'll discover some basic principles that you can apply anywhere, and learn how to think about rocks in order to reveal the hidden layers of prehistory beneath our feet.


Introducing Fossils

What are fossils, how do they form, and what can they tell us? Based on extensive collections, you will discover the huge range of processes that can create fossils, ranging from bones and shells to even soft tissues like tentacles and eyes.



The iconic fossils of the Llandrindod area, trilobites were originally described from Builth Wells in 1698, and have been studied ever since. But what were they, and how did they live? Come and meet them, and discover the extraordinary species that once thrived in Welsh seas.


Natural History

Introducing Insects

They're everywhere around us, but go largely unnoticed. There are thousands of species, each with its own life habits, ecology, and behaviour, just waiting to be discovered. This class will reveal the real diversity of our little neighbours, how to recognise the major groups, and how to grow to appreciate them.


Seashore Life

Beachcombing is a wonderful pastime, but few really know what they're finding, or how they fit into the bigger picture of life. Marine life is extremely diverse, even around the temperate UK, and this class will help you to get to grips with rock-pool revelations and strand-line discoveries.


The Wonders of Sponges

OK, it might seem a bit random, but sponges are amazing. They also happen to be my particular specialism. This class will introduce you to the extraordinary skeletons, life histories and unique characters of an often-overlooked group of animals.

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