In-depth one day courses

In-depth (one day) introductory classes

Involve a combination of a presentation, discussion and examination of specimens, with no prior knowledge assumed but at a reasonably advanced level.

£50 per person (2-8 people); £80 for one-on-one tuition.


A brief history of the Earth

An entire outline of geological time and the development of life. Covers many aspects including the origin of complex life, Snowball Earth, the Cambrian Explosion, mass extinctions, and the development of ancient ecosystems.


Beginning geology: identification and interpretation of of rocks

From first principles, we look at the formation of rocks, and how to interpret their origins by looking at them. The second half focuses on sedimentary rocks, and interpreting the environments that they formed in.


Understanding fossils: an introduction to palaeontology

Fossils are our only direct evidence for what life was like in the past. The fossil record is extremely rich, but also prone to biases and inconsistencies. In this class we examine how to interpret fossils, and how to tease out the maximum amount of information from them while avoiding the pitfalls.


Animal diversity

Animals have diversified into “Endless forms most beautiful” to quote Darwin, but how do these living creatures fit together into a coherent framework? Discover strange and wonderful animals that are normally overlooked, and begin to understand how the tapestry of life has unfolded.


Introduction to insects and other local invertebrates

On a more local scale, we are surrounded by insects, worms, molluscs, and all manner of other invertebrates. Unless the cause problems, most of them are beneath our notice, and have to searched out. Each, however, has their place in life's tapestry, and discovering and understanding them can change the entire way that we see the world we live in.


Local ecology and ecosystems

It sometimes seems as though our human world dominates the ecology of our local landscapes. There may be few truly natural ecosystems left in Mid Wales, but nonetheless life manages to thrive in numerous ways. This class looks at local ecosystems, both obvious and overlooked, and how the balance of nature works.

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