If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. However, some of the obvious ones are covered here, so do check first!


Are your classes suitable for children?

A: Yes (sort of), but they're not my priority. I'm happy to cater for family groups, but not unaccompanied minors. Where there are children, we will normally need a modified version of the class, and the introductory one-hour classes are by far the easiest to modify. Making the more specialist classes suitable for younger children (e.g., under 12s) is probably not really possible.

As ever, though, if you want a family-friendly session on a particular topic, please don't hesitate to ask. Although my services are primarily aimed at adult interest levels, I do have a lot of experience teaching younger visitors to museums, and it makes a nice change every now and then!


What times are classes available?

I'm actually very flexible on this, depending on what else is in my calendar. Evenings, weekends... it's all  possible. I'm not that greatThe shop is normally open Monday to Friday, about 10-6 (or whenever we're around). 


Do you do field classes?

Yes, sometimes. Many of the longer classes on insects and ecology will involve a jaunt around the meadows (weather permitting), but geological subjects take more organisation. I do have public liability insurance, however, so there is no real problem, and this may be developed in future. As always, if there's something you're particularly interested in, ask.


Can you tell me where to go and find fossils locally?

That opens a can of worms. I can pass on information for some local sites that allow visitors to collect fossils for a small fee (or while renting their holiday cottage), but almost all sites are being actively researched and are on private land, and the owners will get very annoyed if I start sending streams of visitors onto their farms. That's not on, so my hands are largely tied on this one. Sorry.


Can you cater for larger groups?

Yes, but it takes a little bit of arranging. There are local venues that can host much larger groups, but the main problem is that the dynamic works differently with more people, especially regarding specimens. Ask away, though – I'm sure we can work something out!


Can you recommend a place to stay?

Absolutely. If you're visiting from afar, then there are plenty of hostelries in Llandrindod, from The Cottage B&B (immediately opposite!), to the friendly Commodore Hotel (winner of TV's Four in a Bed) a couple of minutes' walk away, up to the stately Metropole Hotel. I'm happy to provide more information on the town and its facilities.


Where are you?

Yes, I know; sometimes I'm not around. Sorry. This is because I'm an active researcher, as well as making a living locally. My calendar can be a bit silly at times, and if you really can't get hold of me when you're in the area then I'm probably a long way away, staring down a microscope or giving a lecture. In those cases, e-mail is by far the best way to contact me and arrange a booking.

On the plus side, when I am here, I'll be as flexible as I can to find a time that suits.


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