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Dr. Joe Botting is a palaeontologist, entomologist and general naturalist with an interest in all aspects of the natural sciences. He has worked at Cambridge University and the Natural History Museum (London), and holds honorary research positions in the National Museum Wales, and the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology (China).

   His primary specialism is the early fossil record of sponges, in which he is one of the world's authorities. However, he is also a leading researcher in the interpretation of exceptionally preserved fossil faunas, particularly of Ordovician age, and has been directly responsible for the discovery and description of several of them. Some of them are within walking distance of Llandrindod, resulting in his long association with the town.

   In addition to dead things, he studies living insects, particularly the true bugs (Hemiptera), and is one half of the website www.britishbugs.org.uk. This is combined with an interest in astrophysics and cosmology, climate change, ecology, and in fact most aspects of the natural sciences. He claims to be able to hold a sensible conversation in practically any related subject, but admits that interpretations of the word 'sensible' may vary.

   So, you may wonder, why does he live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, rather than some university in a Famous City? Answer: because he can. Wouldn't you?

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Professor Geoffrey Lloyd
  • 1. Professor Geoffrey Lloyd | 20/11/2019
Really enjoyed your presentation at Probus today and was just fascinated by what is around here, I have travelled the world, worked all over it and lived in a few countries, but just hadn't realised what is on one's own doorstep! When do you run your taster sessions please as a start?

Many thanks for today


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