Special day class, December 3rd 2018: Modern Sponges


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I've been asked to do a class on getting to know modern (living) sponges, and have penciled this in for Monday December 3rd. It will be a full day class, 10 am to 5 pm, with lunch (and informal nattering) from 12.30-2. Bring your own lunch, or go for a wander to find your own (there's a nice cafe next door!). Drinks and nibbles provided, of course.

The class will give you an in-depth basic knowledge of the living sponge classes, including their biology, ecology and skeletons, and an understanding of how to identify them. There are specimens of a range of demosponges, hexactinellids and calcareans available (alas, oi ain't got no homoscleromorphs yet!), including cross sections and spicule preparations; plus you'll have a chance to make your own slides.

A follow-up class on fossil sponges is intended as well, but date is to be confirmed.

Cost per person: £40.
This will be a small-group class, limited to six people, but can be run again if there is sufficient interest. Please reply here with questions, or feel free to contact me directly!

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Part 2 of this course is on fossil sponges and their evolution. Preliminary date: Monday Jan 28th (10.15-4.30), but may be changed if students can't make it then!

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