Special day class, December 10th 2018: Igneous and metamorphic rocks


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I've been asked (repeatedly!) to do more on igneous and metamorphic geology. This isn't my specialist area ("I'm a palaeontologist, Jim, not a metamorphic petrologist!") but can certainly cover the relatively straightforward aspects of it. So, the plan is to have a more detailed introduction to this area on Monday December 10th. It will be a full day class, 10 am to 5 pm, with lunch (and informal nattering) from 12.30-2. Bring your own lunch, or go for a wander to find your own (there's a nice cafe next door!). Drinks and nibbles provided, of course.

The class will be aimed at those who have a very basic knowledge (have done the introductory geology first term, for example), and want to either understand more of the range of rocks that fall into this subject, or just practice and hone skills that they've already developed. I'll be able to run more technical classes in these areas later, where we get more into the chemistry and mineralogy... but this one is at a sort of post-introductory level, building on the absolute basics to give you more confidence in understanding and recognising these rocks.

There will be copious numbers of specimens, including microscope slides (thin sections), but please also bring along your own!

Cost per person: £40.
This will be a relatively small-group class, limited to eight people, but can be run again if there is sufficient interest. Please reply here with questions, or feel free to contact me directly!

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