Quantum Mechanics


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Yes, it's a bit of a diversion from normal, but physics is where I started out, and I'd like to share some of it. This will be less formal than normal, but a whole lot of fun. I want to start with a session on the Double Slit Experiment (and variations thereon), to explain why it's so stonkingly awesome in its implications. So:

Friday 1st February, 2-4ish pm:
Weird Physics: how to break reality with the Double Slit Experiment.

Please book a place if you'd like to come, or would like to do it at a different time.

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There's a second slot now, on Monday Jan. 28th at 10.15-12.30 ish - please do come along if you'd like!

No takers yet for the Friday slot, but I'm hoping that someone will turn up, so will be prepared regardless.

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